Adding new revenue sources

  Closing sales

  Competitive product distinctives grid

  Conference call procedures

  Corporate sales plans

  Custom Power Point shows

  Customer meeting plans

  Customer support programs

  Customizable benefit analyses

  Customized prospect databases

  Developing competitive advantage

  Enterprise sales methodologies


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Marketing and sales are the twin engines that propel a business.  The right approach is critical to success. 

If you are less than satisfied with your present sales and marketing results, or simply want to take your enterprise to the next level, we invite you to review the range of our experience as outlined below.

Please contact us for for an assessment and discussion of your needs and the solutions we can provide.

  Forging partner alliances

  High ticket direct marketing

  Highlighting hidden product benefits

  Hiring & managing telemarketing staff

  Identifying prospects

  Identifying buyer types

  Identifying primary buying motives

  Key account management plans

  Lead generation systems

  Licensing proposal templates

  Mailing campaign designs

  Marketing program development

  Marketing seminars

  Needs analyses

  Overcoming common buying objections

  Power Point sales presentations


  Price quotations

  Product demonstrations

  Prospect business challenge discovery

  Prospect database development

  Prospect interviews



  Prospecting tools

  Qualification processes

  Prospecting process definition

  Qualification worksheets

  Qualifying and closing prospects

  Qualifying interviews

  Replacing competitors

  Return on investment documents

  Sales and marketing letters & emails

  Sales negotiations

  Sales presentations

  Sales process evaluations

  Sales proposals

  Sales recruitment and hiring

  Sales staff management

  Sales staff mentoring

  Sales team development

  Sales tool development

  Solution Selling implementation

  Staff recruitment

  Strategic marketing alliances

  Strategic Selling implementation

  Target account lists

  Technical meetings

   Territory management plans

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